Kano Educational Resource Department

Kano Educational Resource Department (KERD) is one of the seven departments in the Kano State Ministry of Education Headquarters. It is the largest department of the Ministry comprising of over one hundred (100) staff.

The department was established in the year 1969 as an in-service training centre. However, it was renamed Kano Educational Resource Centre (KERC) in 1978, Kano Educational Resource Department (KERD) in 1993, Directorate of Educational Evaluation and Inspection (DEEI) in the same year and finally as KERD in 1994.

The department is headed by a Director, four (4) Deputy Directors, five (5) Assistant Directors, ten (10) Coordinators, twenty three (23) Head of Units and about sixty (6) Inspectors who are professionals of senior cadre.

The basic role of the department is ensuring quality delivery of educational curriculum offered in secondary school in the state, both public and private. It has four sections, namely:

  1. Inspection section
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Evaluation,
  4. Guidance, Counselling, Research and Translation (GCRT)